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Major cities and airports in Equatorial Guinea

  1. Malabo – Malabo International Airport (SSG)
  2. Bata – Bata Airport (BSG)
  3. Annobón – Annobón Airport (NBN)
  4. Ebebiyin – Ebebiyin Airport (EBI)
  5. Fernando Pó – Santa Isabel Airport (SSG)

Time and Communication

Equatorial Guinea follows the West Africa Time (WAT) timezone. Daylight Saving Time (DST) is not observed in Equatorial Guinea. The country has multiple mobile operators with varying call quality, and approximately 28% of the country has cell phone coverage.

Money and shopping

The official currency of Equatorial Guinea is the Central African CFA franc (XAF), which is also used by several other Central African countries. As of March 2023, the exchange rate is 1 USD = 588.33 XAF. Payment by bank cards is not common, and it is recommended to carry cash in the local currency. Some businesses may accept payments in other currencies, such as USD or EUR. Currency exchange offices usually operate from 8 AM to 1 PM, Monday to Friday.


Common modes of transportation in Equatorial Guinea include taxis, shared taxis, and buses. There is also a limited network of ferries that connect some of the country’s major cities and islands.

Touristic attractions

  • Mbini – a small town located on the banks of the Mbini River, known for its picturesque scenery and local markets
  • Malabo – the capital city of Equatorial Guinea, featuring a mix of colonial architecture and modern skyscrapers
  • Monte Alén National Park – a large protected area that is home to several endangered species, including chimpanzees and forest elephants
  • Rio Muni – a region in the mainland part of the country that offers opportunities for hiking, wildlife watching, and exploring local culture and traditions
  • Bata – the country’s largest city and a hub for business and commerce, featuring a lively waterfront area and several historic buildings
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