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Major cities and airports in Western Sahara

    1. El Aaiún (Laayoune) – Hassan I Airport.
    2. Dakhla – Dakhla Airport.

Time and Communication

Western Sahara operates on Western Sahara Standard Time (GMT+1), and does not observe daylight saving time. The territory has good mobile network coverage in urban areas, provided by Morocco’s major telecom companies such as Maroc Telecom, Orange, and Inwi.

Money and shopping

The official currency is the Moroccan Dirham (MAD). The exchange rate is approximately 1 USD to 9 MAD as of 2023. While some places may accept Euros, it’s advisable to have local currency. Credit cards are accepted in hotels and some shops, but cash is preferred in smaller establishments. Banks and currency exchange services usually operate during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.


The main forms of transportation in Western Sahara are cars and taxis, as public transportation services are limited. Car rental services are available in the main cities of El Aaiún and Dakhla.

Touristic attractions

  • Laayoune: The largest city of Western Sahara, it offers a unique cultural experience and is known for Place Mechouar, a large plaza in the city center.
  • White Beach (Dakhla): A popular spot for kite and wind surfers from around the world due to its strong winds and clear waters.
  • Naila Lagoon (Dakhla): A Ramsar site and a paradise for bird watchers with several species of migratory birds.
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