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Major cities and airports in Uzbekistan

  1. Tashkent – Tashkent International Airport
  2. Samarkand – Samarkand International Airport
  3. Bukhara – Bukhara International Airport
  4. Urgench – Urgench International Airport
  5. Namangan – Namangan Airport

Time and Communication

Uzbekistan operates on Uzbekistan Standard Time, and it does not observe daylight saving time. The primary mobile operators in the country include UCell, Beeline, and Uzmobile, covering most parts of the country.

Money and shopping

The local currency is the Uzbekistani Som (UZS), with an exchange rate of approximately 10,500 UZS to 1 USD as of May 2023. While some places accept USD, it’s more common to use the local currency. Payment by bank cards is becoming more common in cities, with Visa and MasterCard being widely accepted. Currency exchange offices typically operate between 9 am and 5 pm.


Public transportation in Uzbekistan mainly comprises of buses, trams, and taxis. In Tashkent, there is also a metro system. For long-distance travel, trains are a popular choice.

Touristic attractions

  • Registan: This majestic public square in Samarkand is surrounded by three madrasahs and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Kalyan Minaret: Located in Bukhara, this towering minaret offers a glimpse into the architectural prowess of ancient Uzbekistan.
  • Itchan Kala: The walled inner town of the city of Khiva, Itchan Kala, is a well-preserved example of Muslim architecture in Central Asia.
  • Amir Timur Museum: This museum in Tashkent is dedicated to the Mongol warlord Timur (Tamerlane) and is home to artifacts and art from his reign.
  • Lake Charvak: A popular resort destination offering a variety of water sports and stunning views of the surrounding Tien Shan mountains.
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