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PlaneJourney finds and compares airfares to United Kingdom from 1093 airlines from around the world. You can’t buy airline tickets on our site, but you can find the lowest prices and special offers with no extra fees or surcharges. Find the cheapest tickets to United Kingdom with PlaneJourney. The United Kingdom, or UK, is home to a population of approximately 66.8 million people.

Major cities and airports in United Kingdom

  1. London – Heathrow Airport
  2. Manchester – Manchester Airport
  3. Birmingham – Birmingham Airport
  4. Edinburgh – Edinburgh Airport
  5. Glasgow – Glasgow International Airport
  6. Liverpool – Liverpool John Lennon Airport
  7. Newcastle – Newcastle International Airport
  8. Belfast – Belfast International Airport
  9. Leeds – Leeds Bradford International Airport
  10. Cardiff – Cardiff Airport

Time and Communication

The United Kingdom follows Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), and British Summer Time (BST), which is GMT+1, during daylight saving time. There are several major mobile operators, including EE, Vodafone, O2, and Three, providing excellent mobile coverage throughout the country.

Money and shopping

The local currency is the British pound sterling, with an exchange rate that varies but is approximately 0.74 to the US dollar. While payments in other currencies are not typically accepted, credit and debit cards are widely used, including Visa and MasterCard. Some places might not accept American Express due to its higher merchant fees. Currency exchange offices typically operate from 9.00 am to 5.30 pm.


Public transportation in the UK is well developed, with a comprehensive network of buses, trams, and metro systems, particularly in London and other major cities. Taxis are also readily available, and car rental services are a popular choice among tourists for their convenience.

Touristic attractions

  • The British Museum: Located in London, it houses a vast collection of world art and artifacts and is free to all visitors.
  • Stonehenge: A prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, two miles west of Amesbury. It consists of a ring of standing stones, each around 13 feet high.
  • Edinburgh Castle: A historic fortress which dominates the skyline of the city of Edinburgh, Scotland from its position on the Castle Rock.
  • The Roman Baths: A well-preserved Roman site for public bathing in the city of Bath, England.
  • Buckingham Palace: The London residence and administrative headquarters of the monarch of the United Kingdom, located in the City of Westminster.
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