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PlaneJourney finds and compares airfares to U.S. Virgin Islands from 1093 airlines from around the world. You can’t buy airline tickets on our site, but you can find the lowest prices and special offers with no extra fees or surcharges. Find the cheapest tickets to U.S. Virgin Islands with PlaneJourney. The U.S. Virgin Islands, a collection of islands in the Caribbean, is home to approximately 104,000 people.

Major cities and airports in U.S. Virgin Islands

  1. Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas: Cyril E. King Airport
  2. Christiansted, St. Croix: Henry E. Rohlsen Airport

Time and Communication

The U.S. Virgin Islands operate on Atlantic Standard Time year-round, which is GMT-4. The territory does not observe daylight saving time. The main telecommunication providers are AT&T, Sprint, and Viya, ensuring high-quality coverage throughout the islands.

Money and shopping

The local currency is the U.S. dollar. Credit and debit cards are commonly accepted, although some smaller establishments may only accept cash. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are widely available throughout the islands.


Travelers in the U.S. Virgin Islands often rely on taxis, rental cars, and ferry services for transportation. Public buses are also available on St. Thomas and St. Croix.

Touristic attractions

  • Virgin Islands National Park: Covering approximately 60% of St. John, the park is famed for its hiking trails, scenic vistas, and historic sites.
  • Magens Bay: Often ranked among the world’s most beautiful beaches, Magens Bay on St. Thomas offers white sand and calm waters.
  • Buck Island Reef National Monument: Located off the coast of St. Croix, this protected area features one of the finest marine gardens in the Caribbean Sea.
  • Christiansted National Historic Site: This historic site in St. Croix offers a glimpse into the colonial history of the Virgin Islands.
  • Charlotte Amalie: The capital city of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Charlotte Amalie is known for its Danish colonial architecture, historic sites, and shopping opportunities.
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