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Major cities and airports in Tuvalu

  1. Funafuti – Funafuti International Airport

Time and Communication

Tuvalu operates on Tuvalu Time (TVT, GMT+12). There is no daylight saving time in Tuvalu. The main mobile operator in the country is Tuvalu Telecom, and the coverage is generally good in Funafuti, the capital, and the densely populated areas.

Money and shopping

The currency in Tuvalu is the Tuvaluan dollar and the Australian dollar, both of which are used interchangeably. The exchange rate is 1 to 1 with the Australian Dollar. Other currencies are not commonly accepted. Credit cards are not widely accepted, and it is recommended to carry cash. Currency exchange services are limited and usually conducted by banking institutions during normal business hours.


Transportation within Tuvalu is limited due to its small size. On land, there are some taxis and motorcycles for hire in Funafuti. For traveling between islands, there are inter-island ship services.

Touristic attractions

  • Funafuti Marine Conservation Area: An area on the western side of Funafuti atoll that hosts an amazing diversity of marine life.
  • Philatelic Bureau: For stamp collectors, the Philatelic Bureau in Funafuti sells Tuvaluan stamps which are sought after worldwide.
  • Fogafale Islet: The largest area of Funafuti, Fogafale, is where most of the population resides. It’s a great place to experience local culture and lifestyle.
  • Te Namo Lagoon: An excellent spot for swimming and snorkeling with clear waters and plenty of marine life.
  • Maneapa: The local community center where traditional dances and other cultural activities take place.
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