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Major cities and airports in Tunisia

  1. Tunis – Tunis-Carthage International Airport
  2. Sfax – Sfax–Thyna International Airport
  3. Djerba – Djerba–Zarzis International Airport
  4. Tozeur – Tozeur–Nefta International Airport
  5. Monastir – Monastir Habib Bourguiba International Airport

Time and Communication

Tunisia operates on Central European Time (CET), which is GMT+1, and observes daylight saving time. The primary mobile operators are Tunisie Telecom, Ooredoo, and Orange, offering good coverage and call quality across the country.

Money and shopping

The local currency is the Tunisian Dinar (TND). The exchange rate is approximately 2.8 TND to 1 USD (as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021). Other currencies are generally not accepted, and it’s recommended to exchange to local currency. Credit and debit cards, especially Visa and MasterCard, are accepted in many places, but cash is more common, particularly in smaller establishments and rural areas. Currency exchange services are typically available during regular business hours at banks and at the airport.


Taxis are common in Tunisia, both in cities and for longer distances. There are also public buses and light metro services in larger cities. Louages, or shared taxis, are a unique form of transport in Tunisia, providing a faster, though less comfortable, alternative to buses for intercity travel.

Touristic attractions

  • Medina of Tunis: A UNESCO World Heritage site, this historic district offers a peek into the past with its traditional markets, mosques, and museums.
  • Amphitheatre of El Jem: Another UNESCO site, this is one of the best-preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world.
  • Carthage: Ancient city with numerous ruins and archaeological sites, including the Antonine Baths and the Punic Ports.
  • Djerba: This island offers beautiful beaches, a historic Jewish synagogue, and the charming Djerba Houmt Souk.
  • The Sahara Desert: Visit the desert dunes and experience a camel trek or a night in a Bedouin camp.
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