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Major cities and airports in Tajikistan

  1. Dushanbe – Dushanbe International Airport (DYU)
  2. Khujand – Khujand Airport (LBD)
  3. Kulob – Kulob Airport (TJU)

Time and Communication

Tajikistan operates on Tajikistan Standard Time, which is 5 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+5) and does not observe daylight saving time. The main mobile operators are Tcell, Babilon-Mobile, and Beeline, providing decent coverage throughout the populated areas of the country.

Money and shopping

The official currency of Tajikistan is the Tajikistani Somoni (TJS). The exchange rate to the US dollar fluctuates around 11 TJS for 1 USD. While some businesses may accept US dollars, it is advisable to have local currency. Credit cards are not widely accepted outside of larger hotels and restaurants in Dushanbe. Currency exchange offices typically operate during regular business hours.


Public transportation in Tajikistan consists primarily of minibuses known as “marshrutkas”, taxis, and shared taxis. Trains are limited but available for certain routes. Renting a car is possible but can be challenging due to the country’s mountainous terrain.

Touristic attractions

  • Iskanderkul – A stunning turquoise lake located in the Fann Mountains, known for its serene beauty.
  • The Pamir Highway – One of the highest international highways in the world, offering breathtaking mountainous landscapes.
  • Rudaki Park – A beautiful park located in Dushanbe, filled with monuments and statues, including the impressive Monument of Rudaki.
  • The Hissar Fortress – An historical site featuring a fortress, madrasas, and a mausoleum located in Hissar.
  • Nurek Dam – The world’s second highest man-made dam, providing stunning views of the surrounding area.
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