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Major cities and airports in Suriname

  1. Paramaribo – Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport (PBM)
  2. Zanderij – Zorg en Hoop Airport (ORG)
  3. Nieuw Nickerie – Nieuw Nickerie Airport (ICK)

Time and Communication

Suriname operates on Suriname Time (SRT, UTC -3) and does not observe daylight saving time. The country enjoys a significant level of cell phone coverage with major operators such as Digicel and Telesur. The quality of calls is generally good in urban areas, but can be patchy in remote regions.

Money and shopping

The official currency of Suriname is the Surinamese Dollar (SRD). The exchange rate against the US dollar fluctuates. Some businesses in tourist areas may accept US dollars, but the local currency is preferred. Credit cards are accepted in many places, but it’s always wise to have some cash handy. Currency exchange offices typically operate during regular business hours.


Transportation in Suriname is mainly dominated by minibuses for short distances in cities and boats for longer distances along the rivers. Taxis are also available and offer a convenient means of transport, especially in Paramaribo.

Touristic attractions

  • Central Suriname Nature Reserve – A UNESCO World Heritage site, offering a diverse ecosystem with unique wildlife and stunning landscapes.
  • Paramaribo – The capital city with its historic inner city, a UNESCO World Heritage site filled with Dutch colonial architecture.
  • Fort Zeelandia – A historic fort in Paramaribo, which houses the Suriname Museum.
  • Brownsberg Nature Park – A nature reserve offering hiking trails, stunning views, and the opportunity to see a variety of wildlife.
  • Galibi Coppename Nature Reserve – A nature reserve known for its nesting beaches for sea turtles.
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