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PlaneJourney finds and compares airfares to Sierra Leone from 1093 airlines from around the world. You can’t buy airline tickets on our site, but you can find the lowest prices and special offers with no extra fees or surcharges. Find the cheapest tickets to Sierra Leone with PlaneJourney. Sierra Leone is a bustling West African nation with an estimated population of about 7.8 million people.

Major cities and airports in Sierra Leone

  1. Freetown – Lungi International Airport (FNA)
  2. Bo – Bo Airport (KBS)
  3. Kenema – Kenema Airport (KEN)

Time and Communication

Sierra Leone operates on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The country does not observe daylight saving time. The primary mobile network providers are Airtel and Africell, providing good coverage in urban areas and continually expanding into rural areas.

Money and shopping

The official currency of Sierra Leone is the Sierra Leonean Leone (SLL). The exchange rate to the US dollar fluctuates. US dollars are widely accepted, especially in tourist areas. Credit card acceptance is not common, and where they are accepted, it’s usually only VISA. Currency exchange offices typically operate during regular business hours and can be found in major cities.


In Sierra Leone, the most common means of transportation include taxis, motorbike taxis known locally as ‘Okada’, and minibuses called ‘Poda podas’. For intercity travel, shared taxis and buses are common.

Touristic attractions

  • Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary – Home to an array of wildlife including over 11 species of primates.
  • Bunce Island – A historical site that was a major slave trade post in the 18th century.
  • Turtle Islands – A group of islands known for their natural beauty and turtle breeding grounds.
  • Freetown Cotton Tree – An iconic symbol of Freetown and an important historical and cultural symbol.
  • Rainbow Cultural Tours – Offers immersive tours into the cultural heritage of Sierra Leone.
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