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Major cities and airports in Martinique

  1. Fort-de-France: Aimé Césaire International Airport
  2. Le Lamentin: Aimé Césaire International Airport

Time and Communication

Martinique is in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone (AST). The island does not observe daylight saving time. Three major mobile operators, Orange, Digicel, and Free Mobile, provide comprehensive coverage across the island, ensuring good call quality.

Money and shopping

The Euro (€) is the official currency in Martinique. The exchange rate against the US dollar fluctuates, so it’s best to check rates at the time of travel. While the island prefers the Euro, credit cards are widely accepted. However, some smaller establishments may not accept American Express. Currency exchange offices usually operate during regular business hours, but it’s advisable to check the exact times locally.


The most common form of transportation in Martinique is by road. Car rentals are available, and taxis are prevalent in urban areas. Public buses are also available but their schedules can be irregular, especially outside of peak hours and on weekends.

Touristic attractions

  • Mount Pelée: An active volcano and the highest point on the island, ideal for hiking enthusiasts.
  • Fort Saint Louis: An impressive fortress in Fort-de-France with rich history and stunning views of the city.
  • Jardin de Balata: A beautiful garden showcasing a wide variety of tropical flora, including hundreds of species of palm trees.
  • St. Pierre: Once known as the “Paris of the Caribbean,” this town offers a unique insight into the island’s history.
  • La Savane: A charming park in Fort-de-France, home to the statue of the Empress Josephine, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.
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