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Major cities and airports in Macau

    1. Macau City: Macau International Airport (MFM)

Time and Communication

Macau operates on China Standard Time (CST), which is GMT+8. The region doesn’t observe daylight saving time. There are several mobile operators in Macau, including CTM and SmarTone. The quality of calls is generally excellent, and the country has full cell phone coverage.

Money and shopping

The official currency in Macau is the Macanese Pataca (MOP), but Hong Kong Dollars (HKD) are also widely accepted. The approximate exchange rate is 1 USD to 7.98 MOP. Payment by bank cards is common in Macau, and international cards like Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are widely accepted. Currency exchange offices typically operate during regular business hours, but 24-hour services can be found at the airport and some hotels.


Macau has a robust public transportation system, including buses, taxis, and the light rail transit system known as the Macau Light Rapid Transit (MLRT). Additionally, due to the compact nature of the city, many attractions are within a walkable distance.

Touristic attractions

  • The Ruins of St. Paul’s: A 17th-century complex, now partly ruined but still spectacular, and one of Macau’s best-known landmarks.
  • Senado Square: A paved town square, part of the UNESCO Historic Centre of Macau World Heritage Site, and a popular spot for local celebrations.
  • Macau Tower: Offering panoramic views of the Macau city skyline, Pearl River and some islands of Hong Kong on a clear day.
  • A-Ma Temple: One of the oldest and most famous Taoist temples in Macau.
  • Venetian Macao: The largest single structure hotel building in Asia, this Venice-themed luxury hotel and casino resort offers a taste of Italian aesthetics in the heart of Macau.
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