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Major cities and airports in Guam

  1. Hagåtña: Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport
  2. Dededo: No civil airport, closest is Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport
  3. Yigo: No civil airport, closest is Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport

Time and Communication

Guam operates on Chamorro Standard Time (UTC+10), which it observes year-round without any daylight saving time changes. Major mobile operators include GTA TeleGuam and Docomo Pacific, providing comprehensive coverage across the island with good call quality.

Money and shopping

Guam uses the United States Dollar (USD) as its official currency. As Guam is a U.S. territory, they do not accept any other currency for transactions. Credit card payments are common in Guam with Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards widely accepted. Currency exchange services can usually be accessed during standard business hours.


In Guam, renting a car is the most convenient way to get around the island. Public transit includes a bus system, although routes and schedules can be limited. Taxis are also available, and ride-sharing apps like Uber are gaining popularity.

Touristic attractions

  • Two Lovers Point: A popular lookout point offering panoramic views of Tumon Bay.
  • War in the Pacific National Historical Park: This park preserves the history of the Pacific Theater of World War II.
  • Chamorro Village: A lively market offering local foods, handmade crafts, and traditional Chamorro dance performances.
  • UnderWater World Guam: An aquarium showcasing the marine life of the western Pacific Ocean.
  • Guam Pacific War Museum: This museum provides an in-depth look at Guam’s role in World War II.
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