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PlaneJourney finds and compares airfares to Georgia from 1093 airlines from around the world. You can’t buy airline tickets on our site, but you can find the lowest prices and special offers with no extra fees or surcharges. Find the cheapest tickets to Georgia with PlaneJourney. Georgia is a country in the South Caucasus region with a population of around 3.7 million people.

Major cities and airports in Georgia

  1. Tbilisi – Tbilisi International Airport (TBS)
  2. Batumi – Batumi International Airport (BUS)
  3. Kutaisi – Kutaisi International Airport (KUT)
  4. Rustavi
  5. Gori
  6. Zugdidi
  7. Poti
  8. Samtredia
  9. Khashuri
  10. Senaki

Time and Communication

Georgia is in the Georgia Standard Time (GET) time zone, which is 4 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+4). The country does not observe daylight saving time. There are three major mobile operators in Georgia: Magti, Geocell, and Beeline, providing good call quality and coverage throughout the country, including rural areas.

Money and shopping

The local currency in Georgia is the Georgian Lari (GEL), with an exchange rate of approximately 3 GEL to 1 USD. Payments in other currencies, such as USD or EUR, may be accepted at some tourist establishments, but it’s best to carry local currency. Payments with major credit cards are accepted in larger hotels and businesses, but smaller shops may not accept them. Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted, while American Express and Discover cards may not be. Currency exchange offices usually operate during regular business hours, and banks and hotels also offer currency exchange services.


Public transportation options in Georgia include buses, minibuses (marshrutkas), trains, and taxis. Marshrutkas are the most common mode of transportation, operating on fixed routes within cities and between cities. Buses and trains are available for longer distances, providing a more comfortable but slower option. Taxis are widely available in major cities, and ride-hailing apps like Bolt are also popular.

Touristic attractions

  • Narikala Fortress: A historic fortress overlooking Tbilisi, offering stunning views of the city and the surrounding mountains.
  • Uplistsikhe: An ancient rock-hewn town, one of the oldest urban settlements in Georgia, featuring a unique mixture of pagan and Christian architecture.
  • Svetitskhoveli Cathedral: A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this 11th-century cathedral is an important religious and historical landmark in the town of Mtskheta.
  • Gelati Monastery: Another UNESCO World Heritage Site, this medieval monastic complex is a significant cultural, educational, and artistic center, located near Kutaisi.
  • Batumi Botanical Garden: A beautiful botanical garden situated on a hillside overlooking the Black Sea, featuring a wide variety of flora from around the world.
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