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Major cities and airports in Estonia

  1. Tallinn – Lennart Meri Tallinn Airport (TLL)
  2. Tartu – Tartu Airport (TAY)
  3. Pärnu – Pärnu Airport (EPU)
  4. Kuressaare – Kuressaare Airport (URE)
  5. Kärdla – Kärdla Airport (KDL)

Time and Communication

Estonia follows Eastern European Time (EET) during the winter months and Eastern European Summer Time (EEST) during the summer months when daylight saving time is observed. The country has multiple mobile operators with good call quality, and approximately 98% of the country has cell phone coverage.

Money and shopping

The official currency of Estonia is the Euro (EUR), which is widely accepted throughout the country. As of March 2023, the exchange rate is approximately 1 USD = 0.89 EUR. Payment by bank cards is common, and most businesses accept major credit cards. However, it is still recommended to carry some cash, especially for smaller purchases. Currency exchange offices usually operate during regular business hours, Monday to Friday.


Common modes of transportation in Estonia include buses, trams, and trains. In the major cities, taxis and ride-sharing services are also available. Bike rentals and scooter rentals are also becoming increasingly popular options for getting around. Estonia also has an extensive network of ferries that connect the mainland to its islands.

Touristic attractions

  • Tallinn Old Town – a well-preserved medieval city center that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Lahemaa National Park – a large nature reserve with diverse flora and fauna, including forest, wetlands, and coastal landscapes
  • Saaremaa Island – the largest island in Estonia, known for its scenic beauty, historic landmarks, and local culture
  • Kadriorg Park – a large park in Tallinn with beautiful gardens, fountains, and historic buildings, including the Kadriorg Palace
  • Pärnu Beach – a popular summer destination with a long sandy beach, water sports, and a lively promenade with shops and restaurants
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