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Major cities and airports in Bhutan

  1. Paro – Paro International Airport (PBH)
  2. Thimphu – Paro International Airport (PBH)
  3. Bumthang – Bumthang Airport (BUM)
  4. Gelephu – Gelephu Airport (GLU)
  5. Trashigang – Yongphulla Airport (YON)

Time and Communication

Bhutan Time is 6 hours ahead of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC+6). There is no switch to daylight saving time or daylight saving time. Mobile operators in Bhutan include B-Mobile, TashiCell, and Bhutan Telecom. Call quality is generally good in urban areas, but may be unreliable in rural areas. Cell phone coverage is limited in some rural areas.

Money and shopping

The local currency in Bhutan is the Bhutanese ngultrum (BTN), which is pegged to the Indian rupee (INR). The exchange rate to the US dollar is approximately 1 USD to 74 BTN. US dollars are accepted in some places, but it’s better to exchange money for local currency. Payment by bank cards is not common, and not all cards are accepted. Currency exchange offices are generally open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.


Common transportation in Bhutan includes buses, taxis, and rental cars. However, roads can be narrow and winding, and public transportation may not be available in all areas. Domestic flights are available between Paro and Bumthang.

Touristic attractions

  • Tiger’s Nest Monastery – a famous Buddhist monastery located on a cliffside in the Paro Valley.
  • Punakha Dzong – a stunning fortress located at the confluence of two rivers in Punakha.
  • Buddha Dordenma Statue – a 169-foot-tall statue of Buddha located in Thimphu.
  • Gangtey Valley – a picturesque valley known for its wildlife and stunning views.
  • National Museum of Bhutan – a museum located in Paro that showcases Bhutanese art, culture, and history.
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