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Major cities and airports in Barbados

  1. Bridgetown – Grantley Adams International Airport
  2. Speightstown – Speightstown Airport
  3. Oistins – Christ Church International Airport
  4. Hastings – Bridgetown Heliport
  5. Hole Town – Sandy Lane Airport
  6. Crane – Sam Lords Castle Airport
  7. Holetown – Royal Westmoreland Airport
  8. Atlantic Shores – Silver Sands Hotel Airport
  9. Rockley – Barbados Golf Club Airport
  10. Bathsheba – Concorde Experience Airport

Time and Communication

Barbados is in the Atlantic Standard Time zone, and it does switch to daylight saving time. Mobile operators in Barbados include Digicel and Flow, and the call quality is generally good. Almost the entire country has cell phone coverage.

Money and Shopping

The local currency in Barbados is the Barbadian dollar, and its exchange rate to the US dollar is approximately 2:1. Some businesses in Barbados accept payment in US dollars, but it is best to have local currency. Payment by bank cards is common, but not all cards may be accepted. Currency exchange offices usually operate during regular business hours.


The most common modes of transportation in Barbados are buses and taxis. There are also car rentals available for travelers who prefer to drive themselves.

Touristic Attractions

  • Harrison’s Cave – An underground cave with natural formations and pools.
  • Barbados Wildlife Reserve – A sanctuary for animals such as monkeys, tortoises, and deer.
  • St. Nicholas Abbey – A restored plantation house and rum distillery.
  • Carlisle Bay – A beautiful beach with crystal clear waters.
  • Mount Gay Visitor Center – A museum and tasting room for the famous Barbadian rum.
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