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Major cities and airports in Azerbaijan

  1. Baku – Heydar Aliyev International Airport
  2. Ganja – Ganja International Airport
  3. Lankaran – Lankaran International Airport
  4. Lenkoran – Lenkoran International Airport
  5. Naftalan – Naftalan International Airport

Time and Communication

Azerbaijan follows Azerbaijan Standard Time (AZT), which is UTC+4. During summer, it switches to Azerbaijan Summer Time (AZST), which is UTC+5. Mobile coverage is good in most of the country, with major mobile operators providing reliable services. The call quality is generally good, and free Wi-Fi is available in many public places such as cafes, airports, and hotels.

Money and shopping

The official currency of Azerbaijan is the Azerbaijani manat (AZN), and the exchange rate to the US Dollar (USD) is around 1.7 AZN per USD. Payment in other currencies is not widely accepted, but some hotels and tourist shops may accept US Dollars or Euros. Payment by bank cards is becoming more common, and major international credit and debit cards are accepted in larger establishments. However, some smaller businesses may only accept cash. Currency exchange offices usually operate from 9 am to 7 pm on weekdays and some may also be open on weekends.


Travelers in Azerbaijan can use a variety of transportation methods, including buses, taxis, and metro. The metro system in Baku is modern and efficient, with trains running every few minutes. Taxis are a good option for getting around cities and towns, and ride-hailing apps are widely available. Buses are a cheap option for longer trips, but they can be slow and uncomfortable.

Touristic attractions

  • Old City of Baku – a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its well-preserved medieval architecture and historic landmarks.
  • Gobustan National Park – a unique archaeological reserve that is home to thousands of rock carvings and petroglyphs.
  • Maiden Tower – an iconic tower in the Old City of Baku that dates back to the 12th century.
  • Shahdag Mountain Resort – a popular ski resort in the Caucasus Mountains that offers skiing and snowboarding in the winter, and hiking and sightseeing in the summer.
  • Flame Towers – a trio of modern skyscrapers in Baku that are known for their distinctive flame-shaped design and stunning nighttime light displays.
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